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  1. Qari
    12 hours ago
    I know what you mean but I meant compared to where you have to remember stuff, in comparison comprehension is easy.
    Really read the text and you might have to go over it a few times for you to really understand. Thats how i understand it
  2. Qari
    14 hours ago
    The answers to comprehension are in the text they give us everything we need to.know
  3. Qari
    15 hours ago
    same as you MEI
    Some people think Unit 5 Chem is easier than Unit 4 but I think Unit 4 is easier and section A of Unit 5 Physics is quite easy optional unit is hard IMO
  4. Qari
    15 hours ago
    hating the unit 5s. Hating Medical Physics the most.
    Haven't started Comprehension. making sure I'm solid with Unit 4 before I start on Unit 5 (Chem & Physics)
  5. Qari
    17 hours ago
    how are you finding your subjects?
  6. Hi, did you apply to chemical engineering at Heriot Watt?
  7. Multitalented me
    Yeah exactly, but they believe they're following the orders of God & not another human being so think it's right, I disagree but I'm not going to start a massive argument about it, just concentrate on living my own life, being happy, friendly & generally helping the world to be a better place aha
  8. Multitalented me
    I agree, it's not really that immodest if a female doesn't cover their hair, I think us guys need to be given more credit for being able to control ourselves

    But hey ho that's what a large proportion of my family believe & they have a right to their own beliefs & values I guess even if I don't agree with them...
  9. Multitalented me
    DW I was joking like what you want as long as it doesn't hurt anybody

    I guess but my parents are from another country & religious so what they think is modest is different to what British parents might think (i.e. not showing legs) although they haven't tried to get her to cover her hair (not yet anyway).
  10. Multitalented me
    Well you should be, I was so hurt to think you were taking the mick of the things that make me happy in life :cry2: :rofl:

    Yeah but I know a lot of girls that do though, I mean my younger sister is a fashion freak, seems to have a new style every day & then my dad ends up shouting at her for not dressing up "modestly" enough when going out.

    & thank you

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