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  1. About of mice and men:
    There is no candy because that question was already done!
  2. do your french revision .. good luck :')

    just ... i will only be a text away tonight cus i am going out now
  3. If you want me.. you still have my number
  4. fine ... bye then
  5. The multiple languages.. and the fact you learnt a language without any effort
  6. Haha no thats quite cool, I'm actually a bit jealous
  7. Woahh yeah my bad. Oh, that's pretty cool
  8. Saw a post saying you spoke a loada languages?!
  9. Which languages do you speak? :rolleyes:
  10. Temple run is amazing i have all the upgrades and i have the football player as the person who runs. Whats your highest score ?

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    Where I study
    Upper Sixth
    Straight, Mixed Race
    Star Sign
    Don't believe in it
    About me
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    A-levels: Biology, Maths, Chemistry, Physics

    I hope to study Chemical Engineering next year
    Manchester - firm (AAA)
    Surrey- insurance (AAB)
    Rock Climbing
    Languages- Spanish, Italian
    Particle Physics


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