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  1. The Marshall
    Hey there Chirsten lady, sorry for not replying, it never notifies you

    Yes I was born in Robert E Lee's house.


    Check out this website:

    I also have a story about the civilw ar, would you like to read it?
  2. The Marshall
    Hey there, sorry for not replying

    Yup, I was born in the House where Robert E lee lived!!! Glad you had a great day, Virginia's ok for now, we're still reconstructing, I'm out of there now as I'm in New York now, That thread had people attacking you. That I could never let them stand for, and they tried to justifiy themselves, which I think is wrong.

    I too, am honoured to meet a fellow Amercin on this forum!!!:~
  3. The Marshall
    Hey there Christen Lady

    Sorry the conversation got closed, I read your message, lovely to see you have a wonderful family life, me and my family did a civil war theme, since we had ancestors from there, we had fireworks and everything you could imagine, we even hosited the two flags!!

    Ah, you're from the South West , My mother's from texas, dad's from Missouri, and my grandfather from Virginia, I was born in Virginia.
  4. Why.
  5. Christianlady
    Hi, oh there's a site where you can read Mere Christianity for free online! I'm sorry... I should have told you... the link is here:


    You can listen to it too, whenever you want. I like it that people put books online for free.

    Peace and God bless you

    P.S. My hubby and I are doing very well, thanks for asking, though I need to get offline soon cause my hubby wants attention.
  6. Hey,

    I was in a bookshop earlier today trying to kill some time before an appointment at the estate agents and I stumbled across Mere Christianity. I really wanted to grab it remembering you'd mentioned it but I didn't have enough money.. lol

    Thanks for your other recommendations. I'll make a note of them!

    Hope you're well.
  7. Thanks for your recommendations. Of C.S. Lewis I've only read his Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe . I will make a note of the books you mention. I too like reading about what people believe even if I don't believe the same, since it let's you understand people better and where they're coming from.

    Concerning what I believe, it's difficult to recommend anything specific. My philosophical beliefs are similar to those of Bertrand Russell, who has written many works, but all are long and wide-ranging, but which are centred in compassion towards others. In terms of atheism I can recommend books such as Dawkins' The God Delusion, but they are essentially about providing rational reasons not to trust the basis of religious belief - reasons that I felt were quite convincing - but something I don't expect you would enjoy reading particularly.

    I wrote about some of my personal beliefs here: My political beliefs are left, and based on allowing people freedom where possible and treating all people with compassion. I can't recommend any books on the subject. I can recommend books by Noam Chomsky however for some of my views on US politics.

    It's funny, I'm struggling with some difficulty to think of books which genuinely promote my views. I just try to read a lot and take bits that I think stand up to reason.
  8. Are there any particular books that you'd recommend me for improving my understanding of Christian or Islamic theology? You seem quite well read on them.
  9. Yes, I can tell you have done research about my religion and I really like that, its just sometimes we get people who ask us ridiculous questions and they haven't done any research.

    And I love the way we have you have a mutual respect for all religions, I too respect other religions, I share some beliefs with them, living in the UK amongst lots of people with different backgrounds really helps socialise with different racial groups.

    Thanks and God bless.
  10. No it's okay, I don't wish to discuss this.. I was just praising you on the way you write your feedbacks on threads

    Take care + may god bless you too!!

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