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  1. Hello Lexis,

    I am just curious in where you're working at at the moment, since you said you've worked in Boots, Rolls Royce, BarCap, and BDO. They just all seem so different so I was interested, or were you in the same department for all 4 of your experience?

  2. I would do what I want, I`m that kind of person. but I love and respect my dad and dont wanna hurt him. So I HAVE too find a compromise, and if there isnt one , then I have to make one
  3. thanks, I was at my interview today and did the meadowhall, tram thing and it was a nightmare!
  4. Hi!

    you helped me with my questions before the Irwin Mitchell assessment centre, I got the vacation scheme in PLS so I am really thrilled I loved meeting everyone at the firm and had a great day you were right, I didn't need to worry really!

    I was wondering how the vac scheme went for you? I know you didn't really like the firm but what did you do during the week, how did hey assess you? and what is the interview like at the end? Do you have any tips on things I should prepare?

    Thank you so much for the answers you had given me already.
  5. Ape Gone Insane
    Westlaw 4 lyf. :pierre:

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