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  1. Hi there, got your youtube message. not sure if I was able to reply, clicked the send message button a few times but nothing seemed to happen. I was sure my ask box was open on tumblr...very strange. Thank you for getting in touch
  2. just stumbled across your post in the "advice on everyday issues" part of the forum- I'm always here if you need anyone to speak to :-)
  3. i do aqa and we are about to do a2 unit 12 on thursday
  4. all of that time of my life is a massive pile of mush and I can't separate one thing from another, so I have no idea. I did it before I got my results, that's for sure
    well I came to uni without knowing how to cook so you should be fine!! pasta is easy, you can get frozen veg, loads of things you can put in the oven/microwave and failing that just throw everything in a pan :-) you can get these little toastie bags that come in packs of two from poundland-live savers!!
    to be fair, I could have revised more but I chose not to and I still got into uni so I wouldn't worry. hmmm the only problem with the forensic science bit is that it's VERY sciency, I guess you wouldn't go into as much detail as I do seeing as it's a dual honours degree but I don't know
    league tables are mostly all crap, UWE isn't anywhere near the top of the league tables but it's still a really good uni. a degree is a degree regardless of where you do it
    yeah, psychology sounds really good :-)
  5. I wasn't really scared because I never really got on with my family that much, but it certainly did feel weird. you get used to it really quickly, though
    for cost it depends where you go. down south is a lot more expensive that going up north, but you're not moving too far away from birmingham so it'd be about the same I guess
    if you learn how to budget than you'll be fine, as long as you don't spend stupid amounts on shopping or nights out then it's certainly managable. I get £2052 a year from student finance which is paid to me in three lots of about £650, that's what I live off and I always have more than enough. last term I didn't spend all of my money so now I have just under a grand in my student account :-) cooking from scratch is a really great way to save money- I spent about £8 on ingredients to make a stir fry the other day and it lasted me about for 4 meals, which works out to be really cheap
    I reckon it'd be do-able to stay at home and go to either aston or birmingham (laura goes to aston and it's only a bus ride away), and I don't think keele would be too bad either as it only took us about an hour to get there by car, depending on traffic
    I know where worcester is but I've never been there so can't really comment on how far away it is, but I went to leicester for an open day and it takes the absolute piss to get there!! I'm just imagining what time you'd have to get up in the morning for a lecture at 9am if you lived at home and went to de montfort...
    but ultimately it's up to you and no one can forced you to do anything :-) what is it you'd be studying??
  6. definitely live in halls if you can!! it's a completely different experience to just going to uni everyday and then coming home again for tea- if you stay at home you don't really develop because it's essentially the same routine to the one you have at the moment
    I find that being away from home forces you to grow up, you have to learn how to cook, clean, wash, you're responsible for going into uni everyday, I love it. from what I've heard, the social life isn't anywhere near as good if you stay at home
    where would you be studying??
  7. yeah, I can, but it's capped at 40% so there's not much point really
    I always look forward to coming home
    oh yeah, steve was back at AT until january because he got C's when he needed B's or something
  8. oh, cool, it'll probably be on box of broadcast then :-) they all went quite well apart from biology, surprise surprise. I think I managed to get more than 40% though, which is what I need to pass
    yeah, I might when the right time comes. I remember the amount of stress last year being horrible, really difficult to deal with
    ummm, easter, I think??
  9. FOA = first officer attending, basically the first police officer to get to a crime scence. umm, obviously in the real world we'd get as long as we wanted but we only get 45 minutes for this...
    I know, neither did I, but what can you do? I just don't understand why he did it
    friday :-)
    thank you!! how is school going otherwise??
  10. I have to question the FOA, do the risk assessment, work out entry and egress, maybe theorise, write down all evidence and where it is, how we'd package it, measurements etc etc
    naaa, he hasn't bothered but I'm not exactly surprised because he's pretty well known for being a coward. hmm maybe, it's just I'm really aware of what happened the last time I had exams and I really can't **** these ones up
    well you don't normally, it's just my course that has so many

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