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  1. Hi I'm fine thank you, how are you? Yes I remember, and of course I can! What's the email for and who is it to?
  2. Yeahhh of course I can help
  3. We have something called Student Finance England, there are probably more grants and stuff available for international students as well. I googled it and found this: Hope that helps!
  4. Yes we do. I'm not sure how international people apply, but we're all through UCAS. Most unis have quite a lot of international students though
  5. No its fine don't worry, I was the exact same every time I spoke to a french person when I thought I was going there A2 is just the year of school before you go to university, the final year. AS is the year before that
  6. Most subjects, we had to do them in Science, Maths, English and IT but then we could choose from some others - I did Art, French, Textiles and History.
  7. GCSE exams are the exams you do in year 10 and 11, which is when you're aged 15-16ish
  8. How do grades work in your country? Here, you give them your predicted grades for the last year, the grades you got for the year before, and the grades at GCSE. So if yours works on an A*-U scale like ours, then use them, if its more complicated you might need to send them with a guide so they know how good the grades are
  9. We put our obtained GCSE and AS Grades, and our predicted A2 grades I'm not sure what your equivalents are.

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    Hmmm... Talking about me is a little bit difficult... What can I say?
    Well I am.... ME!

    Music: Paramore, Mcfly
    Books: Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Twillight
    Internet: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Youtube
    Animes: Naruto; Bleach; Death Note
    Series: Gossip Girl; Prison Break; 90210; The Vampire Diaries; Glee; Grey's Anatomy; Private Practise;

    And Murphy's Law LOVES me! xP

    Despite all this information, you can call me Núria M.! ^^
    Academic Info
    I want to apply for Oxford University and maybe be a neuro surgeon someday... xD
    So, I would like to chat with international students that could guide me and talk about their experiences!
    - I like to read (a lot!)
    - I love watching TV series...
    - I also write some fanfictions...
    - I play piano - I love this instrument because of the beauty of being able to produce melodies so cool that would be able to charm even the most insensitive human being... Because it makes you feel like your soul is flying (if that makes any sense)...

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