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  1. I am pooing myself!!!!!!!!!! how are you?
  2. Chemistry - bad as always
    Physics - it was okay, made dumb mistakes but that's typical for me - I think I got A, but I need A* to get A overall

    How'd your 2 exams go ? FREEDOM?!
  3. Good luck with Physics
  4. Omg I'm so worried now, I barely know anything I hope most of it will be unit 4 lol
  5. Oh thanks ! I thought it was:

    CH3COCl + NaOH -----> CH3COOH + NaCl
    that was a hard question

    huh I'm still a little confused how is Br2, HBr & SO2 ... compounds of sodium? & I don't think they were gases
  6. So I just leave NH3 with halogenoalkane in sealed tube with no heat ? To form amine

    & your correct wow !
    Oh I know I meant... CH3COCl + NaOH sorry

    & its a drying agent, removed all water.
    I don't get how sodium carbonate removes Br2, HBr & SO2 impurities !
  7. Okay so is that just something I'll to remember... or is there some understanding stuff behind it ? (the question with Fe hydroxide)

    & yup your correct ! I can so tell you will own this one

    Can I add concentrated NH3 & heat with the halogenoalkane in a seal tube?

    CH3COCl + NaCl -----------> ???
    Also when re-distilling what does sodium sulfate do?
  8. To complete the circuit so anions go towards the cathode (apparently) & cations go towards the anode...

    I'm actually stuck on this one, hoping you can help: "Which of the following reagants would enable you to separate iron(III)hydroxide from a mixture of iron(III)hydroxide & copper(II)sulfate: dilute HCl or aq NH3 or dilute nitric acid or NaOH"

    In addition to that, how can you stabilize a Cr2+ ion (experimentally) ?
  9. Benzene + HNO3 + H2SO4 (both concentrated)

    Heat under reflux to about 60 degrees ?

    Then heat under reflux with Tin & aq HCl ?

    Why do platinum electrodes sometimes have to have small holes/pours in them?
  10. correct ! What are all the properties of zwitterions?

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