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  1. Hello! I may have stalked you and found you're an offer holder for medicine at cambridge and as you're interested in joining the Arab society, I was intrigued as to why! I'm also an offer holder for medicine so we'll be in each others' lectures
  2. Hi, I am the girl who got pooled to Girton and had my interview last week... just wanted to say thanks and let you know I got an offer for medicine at the college! So happy
  3. yeah, see cause i have AAA and whatever cambridge give me, i am not sure that i can be bothered coming all the way over if i am not going to accept an offer that they give me?
  4. Bristol and birmingham. defs going to bristol but i might pull out of the birmingham one cause they offer A*AA so i wouldn't use them as my backup anyway! where else did you apply?
  5. Haha, such a coincidence. I have a couple of other interviews but i#m not sure if i cba now since i won't get a lower offer than manchester!!
  6. Derry, northern ireland I applied to manchester too, lol. I'm thinking of holding it as my back-up
  7. Corpus christi, but i think that i prefer Robinson now, their grounds look lovely! And it's nothing to do with the fact that they gave me an offer Where are you from, btw?
  8. Thanks I do biology, chemistry, maths and french Yeah, i hope that we do!! Was Robinson your first choice or were you pooled?
  9. Hey, i'm your fellow offer holder for medicine at Robinson.They picked me out of the pool and phoned me, saying that i would get my letter next week, so i am a bit sketchy on details What subjects do you do, if you don't mind me asking?

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