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  1. Thanks, I'll take it as a compliment
  2. Hey, sorry, I've only just seen this message!!!
    I don't think so... I'm just not gonna bother putting them on my personal statement, and hope they don't ask about them at an interview!
  3. Actually I do the IB diploma so didn't require further maths

    Maths itself was fairly difficult at first because of the sort of questions the IB ask but after a while it wasn't too bad; I've heard A-Level maths is a lot easier but there's a tad more to learn. Physics I'm actually really enjoying it's much more interesting than GCSE and not too much more difficult to be honest.
  4. I got A's in all of them (this was before A*s existed).

    No specific revision technique as such. For Maths and Further Maths I did past papers, and for Physics I bought a revision guide and just read it. What works for one person won't work for everyone though, obviously. It worked for me because I was relying on having a good memory and a natural affinity for Maths.
  5. Meh, was ok :/ we had the answers straight after the challenge, and I answered 11 and got only 7 right was pretty gutted did you do alright?
  6. Yeah i have xx

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