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  1. I had looked at those two myself as well. I'm looking for a good affordable room around £150, which isn't shared. For those two on 31 weeks, do you have to move your stuff out at holidays?
    I can't think of another chance where I would be quite so central in London with so much happening. Hard opportunity to pass up! I guess societies will help in meeting people. In an intake of about 2000, I'm sure there'll be a fair amount of social people there!
    I need to call up and see how bursaries work. The website is terribly confusing whether it's only for English students, or for NI as well. If it's the latter, LSE will be my choice
  2. So many little things as well. The speakers they get, the LSE100 course, the 'open option' etc. It all adds to the 'pro' points.
    Exactly, I always thought the thing about LSE being unsocial was a bit of a myth, but that did kinda reenforce what I've heard. Having a talk to a girl who was beside myself, she just gave really short responses which made conversation rather hard. Which are the most sociable halls? I haven't looked too much into it, though Bankside would be my initial preference.
    Bristol, simply the whole course seems rather interesting. LSE's is good, though the second year methods does scare me a bit :L As well as that, Bristol would be cheaper to go to with less debt, and on the open day, people were more talkative.
  3. The visit day did remind me of how much I love London, and how much I love that 'busy' atmosphere. It's also so nicely ranked, it does seem hard to turn the offer down.
    I did notice that it was more 'quiet' than Bristol's open day was. Whilst waiting for the sample lecture to start, there was pretty much silence in the room. Bar that, it did go a long way to convincing me that LSE is the place to go. How did you find it?
  4. Post-open day, are you going to go with LSE? It's Bristol v LSE for me. It's really so hard to choose, though the latter is winning over slightly
  5. Hi, just to let you know, I found the link for the LSE vist day
  6. Well, there's no real rush to decide what you'll you do yet. Just focus on the undergrad and see where your interest lies later on
    Well yes, that is true. Private schools don't exist in NI, so I've never really came across 'snobby' types before. Should be fine though, I haven't heard bad things in that regard
  7. I'm not sure what I would want to do after the degree. I know I want to work in the field of politics in a government department or the like, and I'll happily learn what it takes to get to that level! Is a GDL a conversion course?
    They were the only independent MP, Sylvia Hermon. I was lucky to get it, I've heard to do something like that in England is much harder.
    It's the only minor point I can find, which is the elite people and atmosphere I'll come across. I'm happy to hear it's not just me though!
  8. That sounds pretty interesting. Thinking of going into law in the future? I did mine with an MP, so a some time in the constituency office and some time in Parliament. As I often say, you know when Cameron said 'calm down dear'? I was in the public gallery when he said it! :L
    It has a book borrowing rate four times more than other universities and other scary statistics. It's certainly an elite institution, which is both interesting and unnerving!
  9. Ah right, what was your work experience like? I did mine partly in London as well.
    I was thinking of Leeds and Nottingham myself. Leeds I stayed in for a weekend, and I liked the whole 'campus in a city' thing. After getting LSE though, I'm really glad I applied. It's exciting, but also slightly daunting in a way :L
  10. Have I see LSE before? My parents live just outside London, so I have a decent enough knowledge of the area, but I've never actually seen the university. In truth, I really wasn't expecting my results as I was rather pessimistic, and thought that seeing places like LSE would be very much pointless. Kinda regretting that now :L

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