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  1. yes but it's always been short questions. Could you please upload them anyway when you got time
  2. Hey only minor changes have been made to the speconly celebrity stalking has changed a bit but the rest is the same. Please upload your notes on that thread in particular positive and negative effects of video games and persuasiveness of tv advertising
  3. Hi, Could you please upload your media notes please.
    Thank you!
  4. Hey,

    Came across some if your psychology essays for psya3 they looked really good thanks

    I was wondering if you have any notes or essays I could use if possible I'm kinda struggling.

    I'm doing
    Eating behaviour
    Thank you very much
  5. Well I hope you manage to get the accommodation you want? Are you on target for your offer??

    Good luck in your exams - at least your in college doing them, trying to motivate yourself to revise at home is really hard as there are so many distractions
  6. Yes she did- although she got a bit unlucky with her first year accommodation , but I think they have built new halls since she was there. Yeah not really looking forward to it, but I only need to gain about 6 marks to get an A so ill be pissed if I don't quite get it. Sure am did you take psychology at A level??
  7. Ah cool! My sis went to Exeter
    I may already have my grades for uni, but I'm actually retaking the big A2 criminal law exam in june to try and get an A - so I still have the stress of that.
    Im going to be doing Law with Criminology. You?
  8. You've decided on your firm then? Where have you chosen?
    I've already firmed my unconditional for Surrey.
  9. Hey Hannah, how are your uni choices going??
  10. Hi! Firstly, thank you for posting some of your relationship essays, they are really good and helpful! I was just wondering if you did notes or an essay on breakdown of relationships? don't worry if you haven't xx

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