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  1. Is that Saudi time or GMT?
  2. As am I lol. I procrastinate pretty badly.

    What time is the exam for you?
  3. Wanted to apply for Dentistry but my grades aren't too good so applied for DH&T. Had offers from Portsmouth and Teesside.

    Are you feeling confident about the bio exam tomorrow?
  4. Ah fair enough. Insha'allah you'll get the grades you deserve Did you apply for medicine within Saudi Arabia then?
  5. Biology, Chemistry, and Business Studies

    How are you feeling about your exams? What offers have you had from universities?
  6. Assalamu Alaikum bro. I was wondering what subjects do you do?
  7. Wow you are incredibly lucky then AAA is awesome, dont worry im sure you'll be fine. I feel exactly, Yeah IA=Insha'Allah, basically God-Willing, Just noticed your locations Saudi so you'll probably be familiar...
    You in the UK or applying from another country as an international student and whens your ukcat?
  8. Hey, tbh it all depends on my predicted grades. what are you being predicted? and have you done the ukcat?
  9. hey! sorry I've been away on holiday but I think you replied to my post about international students applying to Oxford. Are you applying this year?
  10. Hey, I will link you some websites soon as I get a chance tonight. Also, if you are interested I can send you a pdf of the book "mere christianity" by CS Lewis. I think it's one of the best pieces of literature if one really wants to understand what Christianity is all about. Also, I noticed you are in KSA. Whereabouts? I grew up there Lived in Dammam mainly but moved to Riyadh and Khobar as well.

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  • About MarshmallowBob

    Where I study
    Saudi Arabia
    Academic Info
    My igcses arent as impressive as yours. lol. I got 2A*,4A,1B,2C
    thats: Chemistry, English (2nd language), Biology, Physics, Math, Computer studies, Business studies, Accounting, and Arabic (first language). respectively lol abit naive for me to apply to medicine with those

    AS Math: A, Chemistry: A, Physics: B, and Biology: B.

    Work experience:
    - 2 weeks of shadowing in Iringa Regional Hospital in Tanzania. (1 week obs and gyny , 1 week peads)
    - 4 weeks in the ITA deparment -user assestance in King Faisal Specialist Hospital And research Center
    - 6 weeks as a camp counselor in the first ever camp started and funded by the American Embassy, Riyadh. (i also did some translation work at the nurses office, from arabic to english)
    - Basic cardiac life support provider course and received a CPR license
    -ASDAN certificate award.

    extracurriculars :

    - Member of the student council
    - Member of the student treasury
    - School Prefect
    - Class representative.
    - Member of debate club
    - Model united nations
    - Toastmaster
    - School newsletter
    -Schools basket ball team (used to be on )

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