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  1. Yeah I get that. Picked up guitar a couple of years ago and it's such a blessing.

    I was very obsessed with PJ Harvey but that's died down a bit. I'm not really into rock tbh, so never listened to Led Zeppelin et al.
  2. You MUST listen to the Live From the Basement version on youtube. It is widely accepted that no one likes the album much until they hear it haha.

    I think it took me time to realise how good they were because so many elements of their music have been stolen and used in rather substandard pop rock etc. I remember listening to No Surprises and thinking "meh, pretty average".

    But yeah, definitely give from the basement a try. It made songs like Feral and Bloom sound more accessible in some way. Also you get a good version of the Daily Mail which is awesome.

    Yeah I'm pretty obsessed. I used to go through obsessions with other bands where I'd listen to them and just them for a month or so but it's been a 10 month long Radiohead binge and I don't know if it'll ever end!
  3. Yeah I've watched that vid quite a few times myself I must say :P along with various other acoustic and full band versions of the song. The thumbs down version of Jigsaw Falling into place is my current addiction.

    Fav album hmmm... I'm genuinely not sure. I didn't like TKOL at first, but then I downloaded the From the Basement edition and it's ****ing incredible. Might even be my favourite. So for me it's between Kid A, TKOL and OK Comp. Too hard to pick. What about you?
  4. Yeah I felt a bit rushed but I got an A so all was fine

    For AS we did Gatsby too, but with Wordsworth. For the CW we did the Pillowman (amazing play, loved it) Death of a Salesman and Streetcar Named Desire. This year we've just done Othello, Faustus and Chaucer and for CW we have French Lieutenant's Woman, Maud and Basil which are all great.

    English is by far my favourite subject but learning stuff for exams I hate sooo much. Even writing essays stretches my sanity to the limit haha.
  5. Yeah that sounds like a good choice to me. I think I have a couple of friends with offers from Brookes.

    For AS I'm doing Lit. I've taken the written exam already and I'm trying to find the motivation to do the coursework now :P what texts have you done/enjoyed if any?
  6. Ah that's cool. Would be annoying to miss that. Where are you going to uni?

    Yeah start uni in October, cambridge doing education english and drama (provided I get the grades).
  7. I did two weeks in June at two different firms and want to get another 2 weeks at the beginning of these summer holidays. Hopefully one week at a place I've already been (partly so that maybe they will remember me and give me a years placement, very hopeful there, and partly because I loved it last time). The other place I'm applying to is with a partner of someone at the first firm, so they've given me a good reference,... but I still need to actually sort out dates. Both of these are small local firms by the way, honestly you might as well start small and use that experience to impress the larger firms. I mean I went to Pick Everard last year which was a kind of corporate company but didn't like the style of working as much as it felt to big, so I'm going for smaller places again.
  8. Yeah that's a good one. My personal favourite atm is Paris 2001. Justin's great.. Beautiful lyrics, brilliant composition. After For Emma I didn't think that he'd make such a big shift from the lonely sparse sound to the atmospheric soundscapes of the second album, but it's brilliant. I haven't had the chance to see Radiohead unfortunately.. What about you?
  9. I know what you mean. I remember about 12 months ago I listened to OK Comp. and I was like "yeah it's alriiight" haha. Definitely my favourite band now. I spent most of yesterday watching concerts and stuff of them :P Yeah bon iver are great too. Good to see some newer talent have success.
  10. I think it was the deciding factor in the rep I gave you haha

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