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  1. Hi, sorry, I don't come on here very often. So far I'm finding it really good, being home for the summer sucks cause I miss York so much! I would recommend it. You get to make two documentaries (I did the National Railway Museum and a homeless shelter) and two fiction pieces (for the first one they give you a script which you've got to film and for the second one you've got to make a script and film it in a group). All of your practical work in first year isn't graded and passing first year all depends on whether you pass your essay's or not. In screenwriting you're separated into little groups and you've got to make a script of a short film then do a Critical Commentary all about it, this commentary is graded and has to be passed in order to pass screenwriting unlike the other modules where you've got several essays to do. What's really great as well as that you have the opportunity to help out on other 3rd year/master student films. This gives you loads of experience and contacts and I wish I helped out on more in the beginning of the year! I recently helped out on "Persistence" which is going to be entered into loads of film festivals, check it out They use professional jvc cameras, which are alright but we do like to go behind the tutors backs and use our own Canon dslrs of higher quality which they do not approve of we found out! There are rumours though that they're buying new equipment. You don't do a lot of studio work, the studios are mostly just there for practising. And we use Avid to edit which a lot of students complain about but I found alright.

    Sorry for the late reply!! Hope this helps!

    Oh, and there's about 80 students altogether in each year. You're all separated into 4 groups so for workshops and that you're in your class of 20 and for lectures you're all together.

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