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  1. Well what else can I say...

    Oooh have fun inter-railing! Here's to hoping the world doesn't end on the 21st so you've wasted all your planning Oh spontaneous Amsterdam trips! It's a really beautiful place, although it's a really flat place too so you can see for miles and the wind goes through you :P
    Are you doing it more as a "WOO PARTAY" or "WOO CULTURE" trip? Or mixay-mixed? Oh and beware of cyclists, they be craaaazy. And they have right of way in Amsterdam, so they can mow you down then cycle off with a jolly smile. And trams. Their roads have 8 sections so crossing them feels like an adventure everytime!

    Sorry for that ramble ahaha!

    Hahaha maybe it's the "^_^" face, as I only know girls who use that face...

    There is?! Oh my gosh thought I would have to go to outback Australia to see it but if there's one in Scotland... :ahee:
    Ooooh Trans-Siberian Express? Is that a train? Imma go wikipedia then be excited/anti-climaxed...

    Ah yes, feel free to er, peruse Peru :mmm:
  2. Hahahaha wondered if I had scared you off with the penis gallery comment, then realised I just never saw your reply hahahaha I'm so sorry! Just realised your last reply was in August as well

    Have you started planning your trips then? Also maybe you should climb Everest or something! Or ski across the North Pole (and meet Santa, or maybe he's working at this time of year...)

    I still need to go and visit Scotland and soak up all the scottish accents :ahee: That and deep fried mars bars...

    I just realised I've used the face on you too many times now...

    Also I totally thought you were a girl for some reason, so haha! Maybe the penis gallery wasn't the best thing to mention...

    One of the newest things I want to see is a registered "international dark sky area", where there's no light pollution so you can see the stars in all their glories :moon:
    And also Utah's salt lake (mainly to pretend I'm the Doctor or something :ahee:)
    Have you got any more dream destinations?

    (also omg I've started to just recognise you by the fact you write in green everywhere :ahee:)
  3. Hey do you mind sending me a clue for Rg? Much appreciated thanks
  4. hello,

    I've spent the last hour and a half struggling over rg, and I was wondering if you've done it?
  5. hi did you get my PM
  6. Peru sounds great! I hope you have a good time. I'm thinking of travelling as well, but I haven't made any definite plans yet.

    Regarding the maths and physics, can you recommend me some resources (books, websites, etc)?
  7. Hi! I've just noticed you're also taking a gap year before enrolling on a physics course. Nice!

    So, what are your plans?
  8. Sorry, autoposted this
  9. Sorry, autoposted this
  10. Thanks, for a moment there I was hoping that you were C Paolini, it'd be great to speak to a published author online

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    University of Cambridge
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    Maths - A*
    Physics - A*
    Chemistry - A*
    Graphics - A*
    History - A*
    Spanish - A
    Music - A
    English Language - A
    Biology - A
    English Literature - B
    RS - B
    IT - Pass

    AS UMS
    G491 - 76/90
    G492 - 150/150
    G493 - 54/60

    F321 - 62/90 (yes alright )
    F322 - 142/150
    F323 - 54/60

    C1 - 100/100
    C2 - 91/100
    S1 - 84/100

    Further Maths
    FP1 - 90/100
    D1 - 93/100
    D2 - 84/100

    Additional Further Maths
    FP3 - 100/100
    FP4 - 80/100
    M3 - 84/100

    F791 - 85/90
    F792 150/150
    F793 - 36/60

    A2 UMS
    G494 - 90/90
    G495 - 150/150
    G496 - 58/60

    F324 - 90/90
    F325 - 148/150
    F326 - 51/60

    C3 - 100/100
    C4 - 100/100
    M1 - 100/100

    Further Maths
    FP2 - 96/100
    M2 - 98/100
    S2 - 100/100

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