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  1. Hi why do you have mr kant as your pic mate
  2. i'm really happy for you. i mean i wish we could have fixed things between us but this is probably for the best.
  3. congrats
  4. Vikki1805
    Appreciate the rep, melon collie.
  5. this is what I mean when I say, disregard that which others tell you.
  6. Vikki1805
  7. Part2:

    Actually I think your bank statement, and Jacob's statement both make sense to me because they are specific in event. The IF AND narrows down the parameters of the event reference, but still the event is unknowable. I would say the more specific one's IF is, the more scientific it is.

    Truth is only problematic to people who engage and believe in lies. Anyone can make a true statement, but no one truly knows the events of the future, and that is why I say that we must be extremely careful of references to the future. If you don't vote for Bush, the turrists will get you.

    As you may know, your perception of life (the fabric of reality) is dependent on what you believe to be the truth. And so if you accept an unprovable future reference as the truth, you are more susceptible to be manipulated. That is why I say, to disregard anyone else's "would/should/could/if".

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