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  1. Im not sure I replied to you, but sorry about the PMs :sad:
    Ahh, took you abit too long to figure out chemistry is terrible eh?
    Wish you the best of luck though And im guessing you'll be looking at brum uni if you want to do physics? Their department is brilliant (Y)

    Ahhh, tis a small world, full of you guys eh :rolleyes:
    How did ramadhan go for you then D: Musta been painful?

    Erm, it's a degree for the academically minded and for those who know how to organise themselves efficiently. The latter of those, im definitely not lol
  2. I'm glad I could help shed light on it. If you ever have any questions or want to learn about any aspects of the community, I'm your guy to ask.
  3. People like him are too frustrating. Even ignoring his obvious determination NOT to understand, the fact that he replies to detailed posts with one lousy sentence is driving me insane.
  4. You might think this is fun, too. There's no big secret to the community. We just like a cartoon and want to have fun.
  5. I'll PM you as this is getting quite long!
  6. Yes.
  7. Ahh, fair enough. What exactly were you getting up to over the summer, eh?

    I'm ok, thanks. Off to uni in under a week though, so that should be good.
  8. Nice to see you back! What was up with you being banned for a while?

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