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  1. Please can you give me some advice on how to about a loss of control
    essay and a unlawful act manslaughter essay.
    Thanks x
  2. hello was just wondering could a person be guilty of obtaining services dishonestly by going over their credit card limit?
  3. Hi, I appologise for intruding like this but I m really desperate ...I saw your post about sexual offences .. I was looking for help as I have my criminal law exam in 4 days and although I have done the essay I m struggling with the problem question... The thing is, this subject is a resir for me and I cannot afford not to pass it this time, but God is my witness that I can not understand criminal law no matter how many books I read
    I m terrible scared about this exam.. Thus is my last chance to move in the final year in September...
    Is it please possible to help me with the problem question I have for my exam as I saw you have a really good understanding about?please!
    If yes.. I will send you the problem question tomorrow to you to have a look
    Please, forgive me for asking but I m really, really desperate...
    Thank you
  4. Hey kinda needed some help:

    Zoey is going to a dinner at Tom’s house, and wants to buy a new pair of shoes. While she is trying on shoes in a shoe shop, Joe, the shop assistant who is helping her, says ‘the buckle on this next pair is quite fiddly, let me help you with it’. He kneels down and holds Zoey's foot while he fastens the buckle. In fact, Joe is doing this because he gets sexually aroused by touching women’s feet.

    In the above case, would Joe's touching amount to sexual in light of the sexual offences act 2003?
  5. Hylean
    Oh you're still around. That's cool. :yes:
  6. hi I saw your post on duress and I needed some help...

    Im doing a moot on duress now and Im the junior appellant ....can anyone help me out please?

    "whether a defendant is entitled to a defence of duress where he was threatened with death or grevious bodily harm but that threat did not constitute his main reason for committing the offence, ie there was another threat, or an offer of a reward, which was his main reason"

    the guys - were threathened to be seriously injured and also offered to have all there rent paid off.

    they didint think that they would get seriously injured but were attracted to the idea of them being relieved of their debt...but I cant find anything to support me...

    I would really appreciate your help in this please.. thanks
  7. You're missed terribly
  8. Beska
    Seems lots of people want relationships... :lolwut:

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  10. How are you?
    I guess you are fine and living good,
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