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  1. Hi I'm looking to spend a year in spain to learn spanish fluently, and I was wondering if you knew where the best place to do this would be? I'll be 18 and taking a break between high school and university, thank you! x
  2. Its all over the world. I am surprised you haven't heard of it. But yeah a lot of petty bourgeoisie running them. Most of them are un-revolutionary and scared to go very far.

    In Belfast Communists and anarchists have basically taken over it and turned in into a very militant movement. They took over a abandoned bank and barricaded the doors last week and are still there as the Police can't get in. Here is a summery on it buy the Belfast IRSP.
  3. Yes the IRSP are of the same opinion. They took part in elections last year after ending their war against British Imperialism and Capitalism. It is a way of boosting support and helping people locally. But in the long term it will take the working class to come together and have a revolution and if the tactics of that will be decided when it happen. If it takes strikes and civil disobedience, so be it, if it takes guerilla warfare then someone will step forward.

    Have you any opinion on the Occupy Movements?
  4. I see your point and it does make sense. But at the same time I have to support them in their fight for independence, and would like to see them adopting a socialism themselves.

    How does you party aim to bring about socialism? Do you's believe you's can do it by elections, peaceful of even armed revolutions?

    If your interested in socialism in Ireland, this is the movement that I am a supporter of though I will be joining next year.
  5. As I am sure you know they both have massive movements wanting, independence from Spain.
    Do you and you party support their moves to independence?
  6. Awww right. Can I ask what your views on Catalonia and the Basque country are?
  7. Comrade are you are you a member of the English Cp (M-L)?
  8. What do I think of him? Well let's just say I don't regard him too highly.
  9. Hi Comrade!

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