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  1. Hi apandenz,

    Thanks for your reply. Very interesting and helpful! My replays shortly in bullets:
    - I was asked by the department about the stream as well: I didn't explicitly state I applied to the Professional Practice Stream, even though I implied it in my application.
    - I did not get the e-mail saying that I would be kept on hold. (This might be a bad sign for me). Or did you directly ask them about the situation before receiving the mail?
    - I think you've done the right thing, keeping in touch with the department! I have been waiting silently the whole time...
    - For me, this was the only graduate program I applied to. I am actually currently enrolled in a Master's program elsewhere, but in short, this is not what I want. TechPol at Cambridge would be perfect!
    - No news from the department
    - I don't have anything to do with Biotech/Pharma industry. I've gone through a few related business cases but that's it. (: Apparently you have related experience?
    - My application isn't the strongest either, but I got some relevant work experience and quite diverse engineering+business+policy background with regards to my studies. This gives me hope (:
    - Nice that you've received other offers! Anything related to public policy or technology management by the way? Or more engineering-oriented programs?

    And yep, good luck with your application as well! Hopefully we get some news soon.
  2. Hey!

    I basically signed here to ask you what's up? I also applied to TechPol at Cambridge, and have been in the ''Under Consideration by Department'' stage since December when I applied.

    Was it so that you emailed the department, and they told you that the last bunch would get the results in early April? Any specific date? Do you have any more info on the choices so far?

    And is your stage still the same?

    Thanks in advance! Btw, feel free to ask me anything in case there's something.

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