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  1. Pity... no hate mail today hahaha
  2. hahaha glad I made someone laugh today
  3. (: That's really nice of you beb! Yeah kinda wish I hadn't posted tbh, yeah it's all a debate but haha, felt a bit silly afterwards. & as are you! x
  4. That means Xbox must be pretty terrible if they're relying on just you haha

    Fifa is great! Halo just isn't good enough to be on ps3
  5. Not as good as the PS3 people! We have a load of Japanese people who are really good online at like every game somehow....
    I'm right though, i love call of duty, but I'd have to say Fifa's better than it and most other games(especially Halo)
  6. Nah, I have a PS3 haha. The free online play attracted me
    As I don't have an Xbox I'm going to have to say Call of duty is waaay better than Halo
  7. Hey, I read your about me section, you seem quite cool, like good bands + you have a games console!(never met another girl who has a proper games console-basically not a wii). I would skype you but my laptops busted, so I'm using my old computer which has no microphone/camera. Maybe in the Summer I guess then
  8. haha same .. i love westfield very modern
  9. anytime

    Erm... occasionsionally mainly only to westfield love it there
  10. gawjuss <3
    btw love derby<3 live about 45 mins away

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    About me
    Hey, my name is Stacey, I am 21 years old + I blog way too much, it's like an addiction.

    I am not going to fill in my profile with all these fancy words on how great, funny and amazing I am just as much as I am not going to use fancy words to say how stubborn, moody and annoying I can be. I am just me and as you get to know me you will come to know me more and more as time goes by, which is where you make your own opinions on me.

    Music - ask me for my LastFM account.
    Blogging - I blog way too much on Tumblr.
    Countryside - it's so beautiful.
    Banter and sarcasm - Don't message me if you can't handle it.
    Music - Harry + Alfie, Pixie Lott, Linkin Park, Paramore, The Kooks, The Wombats. And many more.
    Hello Kitty.
    Xbox 360.
    Eating out.

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