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  1. Iron Lady
    Ignore tha h8as xx
  2. Chloe xxx
    Only if Allah came and spoke to me himself. Which is unlikely to happen. Are you trying to preach Da'Wah? Atleast you arnt trying to be offensive.
  3. what would you do if Islam turned out to be the correct faith on the last day?

    Just curious.
  4. Have you ever felt empty? But couldn't find out what it was?
  5. I'm not being sarcastic here..:dry:
  6. I feel sorry for you
  7. Your life is of relevance.
  8. Ill offer you a truce babe, for the sake of avoiding going off topic even more :wink2:
  9. Hi Chloe, have you seen this video?

    It parodies the self-righteous tones of the liberal-left beautifully.
  10. okay, but theres reasons as to why its illegal.

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    5'2, size 8-10, long dark hair, love animals
    Pole dancing, beauty, tanning, animals, music like bassline, old skool garage, Britney, Gaga, wigan pier bouncy house and looooadds more...

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