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  1. While I don't agree with any of that business which goes on, don't u think you were being hypocritical working as something which is so demoralising to women?
  2. Your a prostitute.
  3. nm786
    why should i answer you when you haven't answered this,
    You say "muslim men are allowed to beat women in islam" and whatever bs you think islam "teaches".

    Reply to this which clearly debunks your views about what you believe about women in islam:

    This translation is clear, Surah Nisa, ch.4, Verse no.19, Allah (s.w.t) says that, "consort with them (your wives) in kindness, for if you hate them it may happen that you hate a thing wherein God has placed much good. Even if you dislike your wife you have to treat her kindly and with equity"

    For more quotes and summary of treatment of women in islam, see:
  4. Got so much time for you.
  5. we finally meet :holmes:
  6. Whats ur problem with Asian people?
  7. Yay, you're back!
  8. Hi,
    I was wondering if i could use the post you just made in "is a rise in tuition fees necessarily a bad thing?" in my dissertation?

    Also i was wondering what your educational status was?

    Thanks, this would be really helpful.
  9. Wow...a right wing GIRL on TSR?!?!
  10. Noticed you mentioned flu on a thread and didn't want to derail it by asking there.

    I know they can be quite awful - have you tried honey. Local honey is especially good at keeping down flu symptoms and preventing sniffles.

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