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  1. hello! im sorry how do the threads appear? i have started one but it didnt appear. does it have to be approved first? than it appears or what?
  2. You ****ing prick.
  3. wouldn't happen to live in doha are anything, you know quite a bit about the world cup, it's nice to see someone who doesn't automatically bash it
  4. What on earth do you buy?
  5. You can't manage on £375 per week?!
  6. I'd just like to let you know that you're an idiot! xx
  7. cool...and if we (meaning us wonderful and not completely single people) dont...then what?
  8. Our thread is pretty wonderful (hence the title) you must of said something wrong…and if I could be bothered I would go back pages and find out….
  9. me dit pas que t'es français?
  10. you are??? you dont seem "macho" to me

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