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  1. I'm very, very busy at the moment with schoolwork :sadnod: But I will have some free time in the summer and I'd be up for it then if you're interested?
  2. Hey, I'm good thanks and you?
    Ummm....I'm on what??
  3. Dreamer1257
    I wrote a lot, you don't have to read it! Still there's so much more isn't there bout England and NY! Lol... Honestly I didn't know where to begin with NY! I tried grasping everything you told me about it seems interesting! I can't wait to go there! Lol can't wait for your next reply!
  4. Dreamer1257
    So New York. I told you some already but I didn't embrace the culture like you did with England lol. So history: not much haha. I mean I honestly barely even know. Duke of York was given New York by King George before the Revolutionary War. We also waaay before then had the Iroquois Natives: Seneca, Mohawk, Cayuga, Onadoga (ugh I give up on sp! lol), Oneida, and there were like two more I can't think of. Sad, I know.
    I'm not in NYC and I've never been there so I have no idea, sorry. But I can tell you the parts of NY not many people would mention if you asked them about NY.
    TV: "Oldies, Classics" are MASH, Gilmore Girls(not old, not new), Good Times, What's Happening....oh gee um mind block! lol.... today we watch things like Disney Channel with I think Zack and Cody, there's Jane by Design, Pretty Little Liars...There's not much unlike the "IT Crowd."
    Is the music different?
    Fashion? I think jeans are universal lol. I don't think I could describe the fashion 'cause it varies. Feathers, skirts, and shorts are in for winter (I stick to jeans lol). The weather is unpredictable though. I mean last week was snow and this week is spring. We once had it snow from the middle of December 'til May. Every summer though we have the State Fair. It's really cool but tiring.
    Food and Beverages... Cheeseburgers, Coffee, fries (crisps), sweet pies only and shepard's pie, we have many vegetarians and vegans... total mind block lol...
    Sports? We have soccer, football (rugby+wrestling),lacrosse, wrestling, basketball (netball ,I think), baseball/softball (same aspect as cricket, kinda), dance (I dance..), Track, field hockey, ice hockey,and I think that's it.
  5. Dreamer1257
    I watch BBC as much as I can. I haven't ever heard of those shows before but I do watch: Rosemary and Thyme, Poirot, Tommy and Tuppence, Doctor Who, Ramsay, Jonathon Ross, Top Gear, Graham Norton, the Tudors, Being Human and I think etc lol.
    School... Go Harry Potter!! Whoo!! In all honesty though you guys get an extra month of school. I think you're lucky, but 98% of NY would call me crazy lol. Ours is from September to June. And I think in the South it's August to April, but I wouldn't quote me on that. It's something weird.
  6. Dreamer1257
    Driving... Here we get our permits which is basically a liscence that allows us to drive in the day with a guardian (but I don't know someone who got pulled over without one) when we're sixteen. I can't wait!!! No driving in Oxford? That certainly is a first I've ever heard about it! Lol. What's it like with the whole driving thing over there? I mean here we drive on the right side of the road and our steering wheel is on your passenger side.
    The Olympics I never really watched before (I know, I know).......
    Oooh accents! I love trying new accents and stuff. I mean my voice seems so plain... Besides I'm sure it can't be that bad to depict what they're saying...
  7. Dreamer1257
    Lol tea. Classic. I tried making tea and it's been a disaster everytime. I've also tried Japanese herbal tea. It tastes like bolied water.:yucky: I'm willing to try English tea though. For now, I'll stick to cappiciunos
  8. Dreamer1257
    Oxford would be my ideal destination lol..... And I love His Dark Materials by Phillip Pullman. Tragic, but immensley good! Oxford sounds very pretty.
  9. Dreamer1257
    Okay... History? No ******* lol. I'm in AP, which is advanced (I don't know what's the same etc please bear with me). When Prince William and Princess Kate got married though everyone here was trying to catch every bit of the ceremony. We had to wake up at like 3 am and it continued 'til I think 11 am our time lol. Worth it, but not fun (bit of irony! lol) And yes I saw on Google it was M. Dicken's birthday. Personally I enjoy The Christmas Carol and The Chimes.
  10. Dreamer1257
    Don't worry about it lol. I write a lot sometimes too. Here let's see what I got.....

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    *reeeallly rusty on the little Italian I did know lol

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