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  1. There was actually a plan to make a Boosh movie, Noel even confirmed it and everything but it's been a few years since he made the statement! Fingers crossed for one in the somewhat near future.

    Favourite character, the Moon of course Favourite episode... I loved the Power of the Crimp (I think it's called!). I loved the third series most of all. How about you?
  2. I am indeed! Are you? Noel's new programme was a massive let-down, not the same without Julian
  3. hahah its seems like a common question. I'll be very boring and say i just copy-pasted from Word
  4. Hey. How are you?
  5. Pareidolia
    Oh dear, that's a shame. You could just tell me what you repped me for? Anyway, thank you very much Ape!
  6. Ape Gone Insane
    I don't think my Personal Rep message went through. :emo:
  7. lol, unfortunately I can't see every post in every thread so we need people to report it
  8. Apropos your adding me, and the fact that your posting style reminds me of someone. (Although admittedly that isn't saying much.)
  9. Do I know you, perchance?
  10. Thank you I wish it were my rabbit :sad: It's soooo cute :puppyeyes:

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