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  1. Tilly-Elizabeth
    Wow that's great then. They sound like a pretty good uni. Thank you - I like photographing the moon, especially when it's full as it's really bright. I've been obsessed with the moon since I was like 5 years old haha! I love str gazing - it's so peaceful and nice.
  2. Tilly-Elizabeth
    Thank you! Oh good luck that sounds interesting - love physics! I want to study astronomy
  3. Tilly-Elizabeth
    Thank you I shall do if I need it. Yeah I've always found that. I went from an E to an A in physics over 3 months, both in mocks. So I guess things will start to feel a little easier after a while. What year are you in now? I assume you're in university or something.
  4. Tilly-Elizabeth
    Oh thank you for the offer. It's just everything new right now, but if I come up with anything specific I will PM you and ask for help or something . Hopefully not, and thank you, I don't know who did it but I guess I deserved it for my slight rant.
  5. Tilly-Elizabeth
    Yeah thanks for the understanding. I am just extremely stressed right now and stuff, and I accidentally took it out on everybody in that thread, which i didn't mean to do at all! I hope nobody took it personally though someone did neg me so I guess they did.
  6. Tilly-Elizabeth
    I just wanted to say thank you for offering help on the physics thread. I don't know if I sounded rude or anything, but I didn't intend to .

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