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  1. Hey. Here the friend code.
  2. You don't even know.

    Do you know what the song is about? This is about the freedom of the German working class granted by the nationalisation policy of NSDAP.
  3. Animal Crossing? Bit of a newcomer i'm afraid... Lol. FC - 139249423097
  4. I know you like it
  5. Do you need further maths for comp sci
  6. Cheers mate! Getting some real help from friends and family friends who are at Uni atm. They all said I need to stop practicing like one chapter at a time, and do revision more like hollistically. Taking into consideration that I'm testing not on just integration or vectors but on the whole exam!

    Such a school boy error! Thank God I know now.

    But yeah mate I'm going in hard for like 10 days mocks next week so will hit you up later on!! Good luck
  7. My bad about the long message haha studentroom is actually quality haha
  8. Wow great grades man!! Well hopefully I can do what you did for C3 and C4 in June.

    Can't make sense of the UMS marks for Chem and Physics they aren't clear
    Chem AS: B A A A2: B (80% was a B...90% was an A...crazy) 2 more pending in June
    Physics AS: A A A A2: D (Resit) and 2 More Pending
    C1: 80 C2: 87 M1: 77 C3: 77 and C4: 74 not 73. I'm not doing Stats anymore my Teacher told me today it would be dumb too. I know my grades aren't oustanding but if I get 85 in D1 I get an A in Maths, so I think I will focus on D1 C3 and C4 Retakes hopefully I can get the grades you got !!!

    I was just so lazy at AS. Lazy but not difficult stuff = A's at AS.
    Work Hard but poor technique = D's at A2

    Well you have some quality quality grades, I really hope I can get something similar. Waking up nice and early tomorrow to organise my stuff together. 8 in June!!

    To think these small exams will have a huge impact on my life.
  9. Haha yeah hopefully it is mate. Apparently I'm not doing enough Past Papers for all of my subjects. I spend most of my time "reading"...... -____- I feel like such a complete moron now.

    Well yeah UCL - A*AA, Kings - AAB. I have AAA at AS-Level for Physics Maths Chem, but now I'm practically re-sitting all my Jan Exams in June because my results were practically all B's and a D in Physics 4 - god knows how. So will have 8 Exams (not as many as some people who have 9-13)

    How did you do? Haha in my school library now listening to ExamSolutions for Stats! Feeling motivated
  10. Having to retake C3 and 77 and 73 % NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

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