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  1. Hello I understand that you live in Bristol atm? I'm that Swede who couldn't decide which city to study in As I understand, Bristol doesn't have a good transport system at all. It's said to be really bad... Does that complicate things a lot? Then you said that Oxford is good as well, even if the night life is not that good. Or wait, you said it was good, but not as good as the other places, right? Which city would you enjoy the most? Oxford, Newcastle and Bristol seem interesting. But I have my concernes about all of them... In Bristol it's about the transport system. In Oxford it's about the size. In Newcastle it's about the geographical isolation (and the accent, just a little).... What do you think would bother me the most, and why?
  2. Thats fine good luck
  3. Did you not get my pm Tell me how Bristol goes when you get in
  4. pm'd panda!
  5. I see you have a offer from bristol to study what?
  6. Panda bears
  7. Haha sounds good Good luck! Hope you enjoy Bristol if you eventually go here.
  8. Not a problem. Ah, that's wonderful! Good luck making your choice.

    Hmm, halls, not so much. As halls have a warden, deputy warden, JCR, etc. they're generally ok. Different halls have different 'atmospheres', though. Wills is the fancy, sort of posh hall; Hiatt Baker is very social; CHH is quieter and more artsy. With that said, the student houses can be a bit dodgy. Some of them (e.g. Drake House) don't have wi-fi so that's a massive inconvenience! On the other hand, the UNITE residences are ridiculously expensive for not great value, so I'd stay away from those. If you keep to the halls, The Hawthorns, and Colston St, you'll be ok.

    The Hawthorns has huge rooms, modern furniture, and is right in the middle of the university precinct, so that's incredibly convenient. Goldney Hall has really lovely grounds and a nice common room, reading room, etc. It depends on what you like and value in your accommodation, really!
  9. Well, I think it's all right! The lectures are interesting and then you get small groups to really discuss things. There's the tutorial, seminar, and problem class each week, and those are quite enjoyable. I think most of the support is meant to come from your psychology tutor; mine has been generally nice but I haven't had any support-requiring issues so I can't comment on how they respond to real problems! I'm also a psychology student rep so in theory people are supposed to tell me if they have any generic problems so I can pass it on the the student-staff committee. Oh, and I'm also a research assistant which is REALLY GREAT, if you come to Bristol next year I highly recommend you join this scheme.

    You also have a tutor for philosophy but I've only seen him once so far and apparently we don't meet more than once a term, so... yeah. However, if you have problems related to the philosophy department, I'm sure the philosophy tutor would be able to address them.

    Oh and finally you have the parenting scheme. At the moment I have three psychology and philosophy parents (met two of them), and apparently a psychology parent + grandparent (haven't met either). So you can ask them for more casual things and student-specific issues.
  10. Oh, well I guess if you live in Stoke Bishop it seems far, but they apparently have a really frequent bus service so I don't think they mind! As for people in the clifton halls (like me), it's a bit long but not any bother. The only thing that's unfortunate is that I have to walk uphill on the way back from lectures! However, other accommodation like The Hawthorns is *literally* a normal stone's throw away from some university buildings. So it depends on what you choose and what you prefer! I chose my hall because it's a hall and has that atmosphere, plus lovely grounds and in a great area!

    Apparently the night life is very good but I don't have experience of it so can't really help! There are loads of clubs though, and... yeah... pubs... things. Sorry

    EDIT: the uni is definitely *not* far from town! It's so close by! There are lots of shops on park street, more than enough, but if you need more the city centre is about a 5-10 minute walk from there.

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