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  1. Hi, I'm looking at applying to Leeds, I have written a personal statement and am at the stage I'm happy to send it off. I was wondering whether I would be able to compare it to yours as a successful medical applicant?

    Any help you could give would be incredible!

  2. Thanks for your reply,
    I am soo happy that you got a place in leeds congratulations.
    Last question, when did you have your interview, which month?

    thanks again
  3. Hi,
    I was wondering what did you get in your AS Levels, UKCAT and how did your interview go?
    I am new to the UK and really need some help.

    Thanks and please reply fast
  4. Hi,
    I was wondering what did you get in your AS Levels, UKCAT score and when and how did your interview go?
    I am new to the UK and really need some help/.
    I have completed AS Level with grades of AAA.

    Thanks and please reply soon.
  5. Thats for offering to help!!! Should help me a long way in giving myself the best shot at leeds.
  6. i know that feeling! luckily the majority of mine stayed relatively close to home so i can still see them whenever i want, if they'd all moved away i don't know what i'd have done with my time haha!
  7. Yeahh its turned out to be pretty handy! First time i'll have been too so really excited!
    Gray's is what all my friends have said to start learning, so i think i'm gonna buy it when i get home
    They also seem to be having a great time, as much as they work A LOT they still go out all the time, work hard party harder and all that! Pass marks are only like 40/50% too for all the exams, so it's not like they expect you to remember every little thing!
    I can't wait to get there now!
  8. i'm not completely sure, i have family out there, so stay with them and use it as a bit of a base to do all the main cities. Wouldn't even care if i didn't go anywhere special though, just looking forward to a change of scenery!

    Yeah me too! to start with leeds was one of my last choices but i went up for an open day for a different course and totally fell in love with the place!
    i'm sure you'll be fine, if they were worried about that they wouldn't have offered you a place! i'm looking into doing the same don't worry! have friends already doing medicine and they said they wished they'd started reading over the summer so thats gonna be my plan too!
  9. Thought i'd message instead of clogging up the accommodation page!
    yeah i wish i'd applied somewhere other than imperial, didn't realise the BMAT was so high before i applied and missed the cut off! ed and soton were a waste of time too, think i would've been better applying to uni's that interviewed but oh well, only need one offer right?!

    yeah mine's been good, same emotionally though, been stupidly stressed!
    worked a lot though and it's finally paid off going travelling to australia for 7 weeks , but literally can't wait for september now, i'm soo excited!
  10. Haha yeah think I definitely will be! If I get like 3As this year I will if not I'm just gonna hop onto a biomedical science course that Manchester have offered me hahaha! I've been rejected from Keele and Liverpool so not really holding out on Leeds and Cardiff . Okay that's amazing thanks I've been speaking to my parentals about this gapmedics one cause it does seem amazing and I was just worried in case they weren't a legit company haha. It does sound amazing I really do think I will and yeah I think I will spend 4 weeks! Thanks very much for the advice I really appreciate it thanks and good luck with the rest of your application!

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