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  1. hi,
    it is Imagesoft (DANIEL)

    the reason why I need help is that I am doing a business plan and I need help compiling a 1 year cash flow, income statement and balance sheet projection
  2. hi,
    it is Imagesoft (DANIEL)

    the reason why I need help is that I am doing a business plan and I need help compiling a 1 year cash flow, income statement and balance sheet projection
  3. Hi, you were right, I've found 12 top 30 firms which don't look at or just want a C in Maths + English GCSE. What I found interesting was a fair few Oxford grads in their graduate profiles they also tended to come from more traditional unis, although one firms seemed to just pick business/accounting/AF grads, and they seemed to not care about the uni you attended, but most of the profiles I saw were not like that
  4. Hiya, this is the course:

    It's not quite 50:50 but certainly each year you can take at least 2 economics modules.

    Most things would be open to me, as long as I take Introductory Mathematics and Introductory Statistics. It's aimed at people who have only got GCSE Maths, so that should be good, though, once A-levels are over, I will be starting to learn differentiation and the other stuff. Already got some books which some fella recommended on here, they take you step by step which is good

    The number after 'ECON' indicates what year I enter for it. http://www.socialsciences.manchester...l?department=3

    I'm sort of leaning towards Accountancy now, but haven't really spoken to friends/family because it's a bit early. But from what I've seen, it requires you to remember a lot of information etc. and I'm quite interested in that sort of thing having done essay subjects at A-level. But I was worried about my C, I'm happy to re-take it, especially as I'm doing some Economics at uni, most of the tough stuff from higher tier is BOUND to be covered, however, I've seen many firms say 'exams taken at the same time', which has just made me think...if I do retake and enter the new grade, they may discard my app because they'll assume I got a D first time round of something, whereas a C doesn't shout 'crap' at Maths. Hard choice. I'm sort of motivated by the money as well, I'm not gonna lie, but the hours are great as well! It seems like it's relatively stress free upon qualifying, which is also a bonus, that's why I was interested in salaries I will google it now Thnx
  5. Just wanted to say thanks so much for those links! I thought the only ways into accountancy were through the big 4, I think that people who want to pursue accountancy rather than just a big 4 job will apply to the smaller firms. From what I've seen they don't have GCSE requirements; the smaller ones anyway. RSM Tenon didn't state if they had any. Do you think it's still possible to enter the sector and earn a good deal of money with a C in Maths. I must stress it DOES NOT represent my true mathematical ability. If I went to a small firm, how much would I be earning by the end of the scheme, say by age of 24?

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