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  1. I'm playing Platinum at the moment and I started with Chimchar. I quite like the fire/fighting combination, it comes in useful!
  2. Thanks I guess.. :lol:
  3. I did answer, but apparently it was four days ago so many pages back (blimey, he uses his visitor wall a lot). No problem, maybe he'll regret asking such a silly question now.
  4. I'm not that familiar with Pokemon. I know the cute tellow thing is called Pikachu :lol:
    I guess that clears it up :laugh: thanks
  5. hi! i noticed on an old post you commented that you where German. I'm studying it at GCSE as a private candidate and was wondering if you would be able to recommend the best way to learn it! thanks
  6. I'm currently with my family in Germany, so I watched the celebrations on ARD/ZDF. It's hard to pick a favourite player - Neuer definitely comes to mind (especially as I've always been a fan of goalkeepers in general), I also loved Kramer's short but marvellous appearance as he plays for my favourite club. Apart from that, I especially liked Höwedes and Schweinsteiger - man, was he fighting!

    Best part of the world cup was the 7:1 against Brazil which I watched live on an Airbus 330 above the clouds over the Indian Ocean, with the flight attendants running to my seat after every goal, cheering and bombarding me with crisps
  7. "Are you happy too?"

    What an utterly pointless question to ask - happy doesn't even come close to capturing it. I'm way beyond happy
  8. The writers you mention are some of the very best
    I particularly like Durremantt's work.
    Once again,thank you very much for these writers and books.If you would like any recommendations,you could let me know as well
  9. Hallo Kallisto wie geht es dir?
    Learnt this a while ago
    Thank you so much for your recommendation,i'll have a look next week to see if any flea markets have these here.What kind of books have you found?

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    As you can see, I come from Germany and living in a backwater. I'm here to speak with members whose native language is English (or foreign one). My goal is to become a legend of TSR, so I planned to write more than 10,000 posts. I'm serious!

    What should I talk about me? I'm an honest, thoughtful and interested person who doesn't belong to certain parties, even though to certain sides of societies. I'm trying to keep my individual status as far as possible. And although I'm a German, I can be humorous indeed!
    Academic Info
    No doctoral degree, no professorship (not yet).
    Let me see... there are a lot:
    natural sciences,
    sports (mainly martial arts),
    to write literary texts,
    to draw pictures,
    video games.

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