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  1. Looks like Karadzic's acquittal for one count of genocide has been overturned . A more appropriate date could not have been chosen. This is a big deal -- goes to the character of the war aims. The appeals chamber found that the trial chamber erred in dismissing genocidal INTENT. This will influence the verdict most.
  2. The historica agreement was also negotiated by the MBO, not the SDA if I remember correctly.
  3. True. I think though, when talking about the Historic Agreement (which the SDA eventually repudiated as it has been negotiated without the Croats, and it was clear that the Serbs were negotiation in bad faith), it is important to remember that the SDA were in a very difficult position. They were nowhere near prepared to fight the Serbs and the JNA, who threatened retribution on them if they tried to move for independence. I agree that the SDA though was stupid, and bears a lot of responsibility for the breakdown in relations with the Croats and the sucess of Serb aggression in the first months of the war.
  4. Of course he was, like all Serb propaganda videos. There is one called something like "Visegrad - crvena rijeka", I'm not really sure - but it's another propaganda video.
  5. I think Hakija Miholjic was misled as to the actual nature of the film, and later disasociated himself from it.
  6. Hakija Meholijc a "Serbian agent"? What kind of diatribe do you spew out.....
  7. be careful, as the video you sent me is a well known Chetnik propoganda video. That's not to say that its allegations are untrue, I am perfectly willing to accept that Izetbegovic was willing to sacrifice Srebrenica (as were the UN), but I fail to see how that would mitigate the VRS's responsibility for the massacre, it's not like Izetbegovic made them do it. There have been similar allegations regarding Tudjman and Vukovar.

    On slightly happier news, Croatia is joining the EU in two days
  8. "Congratulation to mr.Assad for defeading the traitors and the crazy islamists."

    That sounds like something like out friend Veljko Kadijevic would say

    By the way I got your message, It's very good, I'll respond as soon as I can

    Thank you for wishing me good luck
  9. Sorry, I'll have my response to your excellent message soon, I'm doing exams at the moment
  10. Thanks for the rep

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