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  1. Hi Sherbet, I saw on a thread that you worked at a summer camp with CCUSA last year? I was thinking about doing the same next summer in Canada. I was just wondering where you went and what you thought about it?
    Thanks a lot
  2. Hi!
    Saw your profile on the Medics and Applicants profile and was hoping for some advice. I am currently on a gap year and am re-applying.
    I have 8A*'s and 4A's at GCSE and achieved A*A*A(a) at A-Levels.
    UKCAT: 670
    I've got work experience and gap year plans e.g. tutoring, care assistant at a care home, volunteering in hospitals and travelling.
    What do I do to ensure an offer this year? What kind of chance do you think I have? Would you be able to look over my personal statement? And is there any med school you'd recommend that you think I meet the requirements very well for?
    Thanks a lot and sorry for all the questions!
  3. Thanks for your help , I got an A(Maths)B(Chem)C(Bio)B(Physics - dropping this). I'm retaking three exams (one of them being an ISA) so I was planning on doing them in January. I have already started revision for my AS retakes but i'm conscious of my work load from A2. I really wasn't expecting to get these AS results because I used to do well in my term tests and I did well in my GCSEs (7A*s ad 3As). I think i didn't do well because I didn't give enough attention and treated it a lot like GCSEs. Im not making that mistake again, i know whats expected of me this year and im gonna use every moment possible (I hope).
    However, I have quite alot of work experience: 2 weeks at hospital,2 weeks at hospice, week at respite centre, DofE gold, 2 Years volunteering at charity shop and theres more, so i'm not gonna do any extra work experience this year and just focus on my school work.
    Im worried that I'm gonna lose focus when i go back to school because of all the people applying and things like that but im trying to make myself think about only myself and not about others.

    Thanks so much for replying btw, its really nice to see that I still have a chance of doing well in my A2 because i was starting to panic. This is going to sound so cheesy but you really are an inspiration hehe . xx
  4. Heyy, just saw your medicine application description on one of the treads and I am so glad i came across your application because I just got similar grades in my AS and I was so upset but now I've geared myself up to work super hard next year and your application kinda inspired me. I was hoping if i could ask some questions, like what did you do in your gap year (because im sure i wont get any offers this year) and how difficult did you find year 13 because i am worried that my resits will distract me from my A2s. Congrats on your offers, good luck with next year xxx
  5. Oh okay it must have been pretty cool in France, hope you have a good time in America.

    I'm waiting for my AS grades this summer, I will have to just wait and see what to do afterwards.

  6. Hi there I was just reading the repy you quoted me on a couple of days back and I noticed that you reapplied, which med schools did u reapply to and wat did you do during your gap year? thx
  7. AishaTara
    hey Katie, just wanted to say congrats on four offers, and was wondering where you applied and what your stats are like (pm if you prefer) and if you have any advice as im considering a gap year thanks in advance xx
  8. This may seem a bit random but I was in the exact same position as you regarding AS screw up and then A level improvement (same A*AA even) however I just got four rejections and am considering taking another gap year. I was wondering whether you had any thoughts on the matter?
    Thanks in advance

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