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  1. ISAs coming up!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!
  2. :ahee:
  3. Thanks for the rep
  4. Wait you sent a PM?
  5. Not that good lately really.
  6. But I just put a :3 on your profile a week ago!
  7. :3
  8. wow you have so many left! I only have two R.E, English Lang, History & two maths :3 & aw you do Latin & Greek! I would love to do those languages but my school doesn't offer them. When's your last exam then?
  9. okay that's a major relief :L & aww C3 was pretty easy so if you felt you done better in C2 that's a good thing! you probably A*'d both, don't worry :-) what exams do you have left now? x
  10. yes you are! & aw it's okay i'm sorry for the late replies too, I don't use tsr much so I'm still figuring out how to use it and so don't know how to get to everything :3 but I really liked C3! I thought it was a really easy paper, but that would mean higher grade boundaries blergh :-(
    but omg C2 on the other hand - wow, I did not manage to get any revision done whatsoever so I'm pretty sure I got like a U! :cry: I guessed almost everything eeeek! how about you?

    Oh and I was wondering do you know whether for resists the higher mark counts or the latest one? because all the teachers at my school are saying different things :dontknow:

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