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  1. hey, just wanted to ask how you find strathclyde so far! Do you live in halls?
  2. I accidentally posted the previous message on my own site... Oops...
  3. Sorry I'm this late to answer your message, but I haven't been on my page fordays now.
    Well, I received my diploma yesterday and my average is even beyond of what they've asked me to achieve and I'm so happy!
    What average did they ask you for?
    I have to go to the ministry of education if I want my diploma to be translated but I don't know if it is still necessary because it is written in French, German and English. The only thing that defers from what they are used to receive is my grade as we receive them counted on a maximum of 60 marks and I have received 46 out of 60 which makes 76.6 %.
    I'm going to send a copy in on Monday and if they want a translation they'll surely let me know, so that I'll only do it if necessary.

    I'm sooo looking forward to moving to Scotland and to meeting you! It will be a huge experience and I'm happy to already know someone who is older than 20!

  4. We're having our diploma next week and I'll have to translate it as well... I haven't received a letter yet, do you?
    I was busy too, so I did not check my messages for a while!
    I am still a little nervous!
  5. Well I think I'm well prepared now to come to Strathclyde!
    I got my results yesterday and they meet the conditions, so I'll be at Strathclyde in September! ))
    Well I talked very little to others because my mother was with me, but I think I'll get to know many in a short amount of time
  6. Hi

    ich hab dich beim durchstöbern des Forums entdeckt, du wirst auch nach Strath gehen?
    Vielleicht können wir uns ja austauschen, Accommodation, Stadt usw.

    Ich bin noch im Entscheidungsprozess, tendiere aber sehr stark zu Strath. Würde Global Energy Management als MSc studieren. Und du?

    Viele Grüße
  7. Yeah exactly he lives in Hamburg, and I'll be there next Sunday how did you meet your boyfriend? xxx
  8. Hey there, I'm back again.
    Well, the flight was good, we took off at Hahn(Frankfurt) to Edinburgh and took the bus to Glasgow and we only had handluggage with us
    I'll be staying in Luxembourg and am to move to Glasgow by the 1st of September.
    Normally we're going to move all of my stuff by car! I think it is the only valid possibility...
    At the Open Day I got to know that Journalism courses will be moved to John Anderson Campus during summer, so we will be there all together
  9. Yes, I've been six times and I'm going again in July whereabouts are you from? Xxx
  10. I'll do so! I hope my exams will finish out good enough so that I'll be accepted right away!
    I'll be 25 when I start university and I had the same worries, but I think there are a lot of people who are a little older, maybe not the freshers, but many I know switched courses and stayed for quite a while
    So I'm leaving for Scotland today, I'll let you if something interesting happens!

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