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  1. How about you? what do you study? oh just seen your about, you're on your gap ya, are you having fun?
  2. lol it's OK, though I doubt that you're dense:P ohh life must be good by the sea:coma:
    :yep: you want to swap?
  3. I guess we can agree on sunshine do you live in London? it was quite powerful this morning:coma:
  4. I think you've missed the coincidence:lol: you said "Hopefully I've quenched your thirst" then I look at your profile pic to see you holding a drink as if to say "If that wasn't enough for you, I have more! :rofl:
    You'll be surprised to hear that I also like chocolates but dark instead of milk however I'm not as picky on the brand rather the content, for me the dark chocolate must contain 80% or more of cocoa solids
  5. LOL is it any coincidence that you're holding a drink? Anyways, that's quite an impressive list of addictions:coma: where do I start hmm Dark chocolate or milk chocolate?
  6. What's your addiction? I have been pondering this question for as long as I can remember but never got the chance to ask...well here is my chance:P
  7. I was so keen to get in so i can stay living where I am now, but the course at Winch looks 10x better. The Exeter course was history with ancient history.
  8. just seen you got rejected from exeter today too?! i was crushed, they made me wait so long!
  9. Your posts in the Winch forum have been very helpful for me, asking the questions I would have asked! I'm in a similar position to you, I'm glad I'm not the only one
  10. Hiya, its the guy you've been talking to! I would just like to formerly introduce myself as Declan Grant! Howdy!!

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    Lauren, follow me on Twitter @LaurenSteele19
    Where I study
    Gap Year (was Parkstone Grammar School)
    General Assistant at J Sainsbury PLC
    Star Sign
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    Completed English Lit, Religious Studies and Psychology A-levels in 2012 with an AS in History.

    Currently on a two year break before I begin my degree in Theology and History at the University of Winchester.
    Book, Philosophy, History, Music and Pretty Dresses.

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