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  1. I was so keen to get in so i can stay living where I am now, but the course at Winch looks 10x better. The Exeter course was history with ancient history.
  2. just seen you got rejected from exeter today too?! i was crushed, they made me wait so long!
  3. Your posts in the Winch forum have been very helpful for me, asking the questions I would have asked! I'm in a similar position to you, I'm glad I'm not the only one
  4. Hiya, its the guy you've been talking to! I would just like to formerly introduce myself as Declan Grant! Howdy!!
  5. Your posts genuinely make me laugh. :yy:
  6. Yup who knows :P .... Are you interested in finding a relationship at uni?
  7. You seem pretty cool from your posts, so have some rep
  8. But they won't want to get physical ?
  9. Noo I just thought it might be difficult to associate with the younger 18 year old girls ..because I'm 21 !
  10. Your actually not classed as a mature student because you won't be 21 when you start :P

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    Completed English Lit, Religious Studies and Psychology A-levels in 2012 with an AS in History.

    Currently on a two year break before I begin my degree in Theology and History at the University of Winchester.
    Book, Philosophy, History, Music and Pretty Dresses.

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