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  1. welsh?!
  2. ahah no i didnt look
    well what you studying at gcse
    yeh shes not the strictest muslim so shes not bothered
  3. Because I'm replying to his message on my wall -___- Or are you dumb

    /convo for the LAST time.
  4. Can't you leave Tom alone! He's done nothing wrong, and I would like to remain friends with him thank you very much -__-
  5. hey sorry i didnt see your post hahaa i think i'm blind. i do eng lang, media and photog. you?
  6. haha no... french and italian... you?
    yes he is..
    have considering become what? christian? muslim?
    although the answer is i wouldnt become either...
  7. ahah well i work with planes so i kinda got to be...
    ahah thanks you too
    yup everyone. my mum her siblings, my grandparents, their siblings, absolutely everyone!
  8. ahaha thanks but i knew what "barbadian" meant
    and if you wanna be thaaaaaaaaat detailed
    im part scottish part turkish and part tatar.... not quite as excting but hey haha
  9. no i dont practice any religion...
    no i was born here in england and grew up here
    but my mother was born and grew up there and i have always had dual citizenship
    where are you from?
  10. nope i dont and nope im not even un-practicising haha
    turks say merhaba for hello

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  • About TheDizzeeKid

    I.A.M.G.C (My Initials) :sexface:
    Where I study
    School :erm:
    Student and part time Hollister worker :awesome:
    Star Sign
    Don't believe in it
    About me
    I am very lazy guy who lives in Wales

    As regards to religion I is Muslim :smug:
    Academic Info
    Due to my laziness and other circumstances the GCSE grades that I am very likely to get are:

    Biology: A
    Chemistry: A*
    Physics: A*
    English Literature: A*
    English Lang: A/A*
    Maths: A
    History: A
    Geology: B
    French: A/B
    R.E: A

    I wish to take Maths, Economics, Chemistry and Physics at A-Level
    Football :arsenal:

    Parkour and other crazyyyy stuff..
    Listening to Dubstep etc. and Mozart and Beethoven....Only when I'm revising :ninja:
    Most extreme sports
    Deep thinking :beard:

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