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  1. Hi,
    I have been offered a place to study medicine at cambridge (Girton) could you possibly tell me how much it costs to live (approximately) in cambridge, is it expensive? For example how much is your rent a week?
  2. ingénue
    wow thanks for getting in touch, that's so nice of you yep that's who my interviews are with, any tips on what my interviewers are like? would be helpful, stressing so much atm! And how about you, are you enjoying the course at Trinity so far?
  3. Hey!! Yes thank you, all went well. I got 2A*s and 2As, was 1 mark off an A* in chemistry so I'm going to get that remarked. 1 mark is definitely the worst margin to be off by haha! What about you?
  4. Russian?! think I'll stick with the Latin alphabet for now, cyrillic would just confuse me. But I do have a friend from Ukraine who can speak fluent Russian and Ukrainian so I've always got her if I need and impromptu translation haha!
    The worst thing about going to Philippe was that it was just me and him!! So we would just be sitting there in silence for like 10 mins while I tried to think of something mildly intelligent to say. AND it was over my lunch time! Needless to say it had to stop! Lol
    Anyway, good luck with your results and everything! Hopefully see you in October!
  5. Yep, natsci, I loves me some science! :L yeah it is irish, it's actually Gearóid but I only learnt recently how to do accents on computers lol, dang. (it's control and alt if you didn't know)
    Although I can just imagine all the people thinking "wtf is his username?!" haha
    You could always do mandarin at the language centre thingy, think I might do one, I used to love languages but had to give them up. I acc did French at AS for a while but I really didn't get on with my french language assistant, oh Philippe...
    What other A levels do you do? I do bio, chem, maths and further maths (typical natsci lol)
  6. Oh good! What's your name? Being a naive non-mandarin speaker I was looking for someone called Ho Chi Minh haha! But then again my name isn't gearoid (in English anyway lol). Sorry if I come of pretty forward, just wanted to make sure I got all the trinity people on here!
  7. Hello again! Did you ever join the group?
  8. Here's a facebook group for trinity people if you're interested
  9. Hi! I noticed you're doing the same topic for your a2 French Oral as me. Do you fancy chatting on here and just helping each other out? My oral is on the 10th May but I'm so worried about it! Sorry if you find this weird but might be good to just share some points etc. Let me know what you think!

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