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  1. I've got the ones for Freshers Ball and Fiesta (so I might run into you there!) and the Neon Party and the Piccadilly Party and I think that's it for now (:
  2. Thanks! I've purchased quite a few :3 How have you gotten on with deciding which ones to get?
  3. Hi,

    I'm still struggling to work out where I want to go or a proper route.
    Hence the thread here:

    Currently thinking of beginning in Germany and moving further east.
  4. Hi Nicky,

    Saw you were planning a Europe rail trip in a few various threads on here.

    Just in the process of planning one for myself as a graduation present. When/where are you thinking of going? I think I will be going for around 16 days beginning on July 10th.

  5. Hi, I saw that you had posted in a thread last year on AQA French A2 speaking. I was just wondering - in terms of the choice of the 2 stimulus cards, are they both on the same topic but different sub-topics (i.e. Enivornment - one on pollution and the other on renewable energies) or completely different topics (e.g. a card on racism and a card on pollution)? Many thanks in advance!
  6. Exactly. How convenient! Oh, good for you! :dance: Nevertheless it'll still be useful to go. I still can't bring myself to firm it, been completely avoiding making any decisions whatsoever, haha.
  7. No problem. Probably not, it's quite short notice. Maybe I'll go to the next one, depends how well in advance they let you know. How about you?
  8. Hellooo. I got an email today about a UCL open day, assuming you got the same one. It's on 27th March but then it says there'll be another in April if you can't make this one.
  9. Hey again! Nope, I haven't heard anything since I got my offer. I doubt I would go as it's too much effort to get down to London and I have work etc. But I'll let you know if and when I do hear anything.
  10. Yeah. Those are definitely pro points for UCL. I noticed that it had slipped from 1st to 5th place, not sure if that's worrying or not as I also have an offer from York, which is currently higher up than UCL! I guess we shouldn't rely on league tables too much...
    Wow, yes of course. I'm definitely steering towards UCL more and more, it's highly likely I'll end up choosing it, especially since it's taken so much for me to finally get in.

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    Crew Member at McDonald's
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    Currently a gap year student, working at McDonald's and saving up to go travelling in June/July! Passionate about books, films and music, and intending to read English at university next year.

    Happy to answer any questions about A Level choices, university applications, books or anything!
    Academic Info
    GCSE: Biology (A) Chemistry (A*) Classical Civilisations (B) English Lit (A) English Lang (A) French (A*) German (A) Graphics (C) Latin (B) Maths (A) Physics (A*) Statistics (A)
    ICT Key Skills Level 2: Pass

    AS: Eng Lit (A) French (A) German (A) Crit Think (B) Media Studies (C)
    A2: Eng Lit (A*) French (A) German (A) EPQ (A) AQA Bacc (Distinction)

    University Offers:
    Nottingham: Unconditional
    Birmingham: Unconditional
    Lancaster: Unconditional
    UCL: Unconditional
    Oxford (Hertford College): Interview

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