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  1. Hey chicheto,

    We already had the pleasure when writing in summer about our banking experience, interests etc. and Deloitte.

    From your comment I'm assuming your had an interview at GS for Securities? Mine will be for GSAM, but still I would really appreciate it if you could elaborate on the technical stuff - how much, how deep, how challenging etc .. Also, anything competency-based that was hard? apparently GS interviews are all different but still I think hearing from other's experience is valuable -

  2. Would you mind sharing your background?
    Curious who is getting through to PWP these days...

    Merry Christmas
  3. I'm not sure myself haha.. About a year ago I was absolutely sure that consulting is the perfect match for me.. I wanna earn well in the future but wouldn't do smthg I totally don't enjoy doing just to earn great.. However, things changed a bit and I now quite like equities and would love to understand them much better.. that's why I'm considering banking as well

    I've meanwhile accepted the Deloitte offer, just to be on the safe side and not end up with no internship at all.. However, I'll continue applying and then think about how to deal with the situation I guess.. depending on whether another offer will follow or not. After the interview/AC they'll let you know the outcome within 3 business days. Afterwards you'll receive an offer letter which states by when you have to accept/decline, mentioning that you shall call/write if you can't decide within the given timeframe. As far as I remember it was 1 week max. to think about.

    I'm not sure about the declining policy once you've accepted an offer :/

    Where else will you apply then?

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