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  1. If you are still wondering about dropping an A2, I emailed all my universities and they all said that it wouldn't affect my application. Help that helps. :P
  2. ah that's good not too bad longer than expected, except i really don't expect an offer cause there were lots of good applicants, and they were very nice to everyone so it's no indication! where did you travel from? x
  3. hey! just seen you had an interview for newcastle on the same day as I did... how was it? also, did you go on the tour on thursday?
  4. Also KCL and Newcastle then UCL and Leeds
  5. Where have you applied?
  6. Nope, only acknowledgements so far How about you?
    And nooo that was not me, I have a very modest UKCAT compared to most applying for UKCAT-loving unis like Newcastle and KCL - 697.5. You must have a very decent UKCAT in the least considering the unis we've applied to?
  7. blueeyedgirl
    Ah, hello competition heard anything yet? I think i remember seeing your stats somewhere, didnt you get like a crazily high UKCAT score? God, i sound like such a stalker hahaha
  8. Whoaa replace Cardiff with Southampton and there's my choices! Nearly identical on the uni choices front too.. spooky XD
  9. blueeyedgirl
    Urgh suppose we' all in the same situation with needing the A's and of course not! King's, Cardiff, Newcastle and Glasgow...heard nothing as of yet though you?
  10. Ahh I still love it, it's just that I wasn't in total focus last year enough to get the A > Determined this year though... it's not like I want it, I actually need it haha! Do you mind me asking what med schools you applied to?

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