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  1. Yes
  2. I have not seen you in ages :clap2:
  3. Yeah I'm so sad, but I love it :teehee:
  4. I'm like Harry Potter?
  5. Lemme guess, you consider yourself to be Gryfindor???
  6. Looool that cut me deep
  7. Lol your post came out as a fail
  8. Lol I didn't it just happened to be that you commented first on a thread I was going to comment on :cool:
  9. Lol yeah I love maths but I'll say anything to get a reaction =P And the best trolls are undetected. Nobody has ever called troll to one of my posts people here are so weird, they are so argumentative. And thanks for the offer, I think there will be many times when I need poetry analysis i joke of course, I am quite jealous, eng lit was the one humanity I actually wanted to do, but it clashed with further maths :eek:
  10. I've applied to cam, imperial, warwick, kings and ucl. And lol I always take it one step further on some threads and mock the arts students (obviously its not true but it gets to people). I was considering berating the sciences but I cant get away with it =)

    And wow you see straight through me. In real life I'm like the geekiest kid ever, and really quiet

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