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  1. You a Wheel of Time fan?
  2. (Original post by RandZul'Zorander)
    to answer your quote in the thread, heterosexual and homosexual couples do not get the same ceremonies, they don't get the same titles, they don't get access to the same institution. I gave you the valid comparison in my post. It would be like giving women an 'outhouse' and men the 'toilets'. they both have places to relieve bowel movements (they provide the same functions) but one is lesser than the other and it is discriminatory. You can have male and female toilets. and you can discern between the two saying male or female. Why can you not do the same with marriage? they are both the same just one has a man/woman and the other has two men or women.
    You said that gay and straight couples do not get access to the same ceremonies, but I showed that they do. The reason I stopped replying to you in the thread was because there was no debate or logic coming from you, just an endless drone of "I'm right because I'm valid, because I'm correct, therefore I have proven my point". If you're going to continue in that fashion (your message here indicates you are heading in that direction) I must direct you not to do continue posting on my page.

    You can have male and female toilets, but it's obvious that the are separate toilets. Why can't the same thing be done with marriage? Because the two situations are different, though the principle behind them is the same (If we did things exactly the same for both situations we'd put urinals into the church for the ceremonies I've already made clear, I don't subscribe to the view that "separate is inherently unequal".

    Your suggestion that civil partnerships are "lesser" "discriminatory" concerns me. You only expect that comment from someone who is anti-gay, so explain yourself please. Why do you think a gay civil partnership is any lesser than than a straight marriage ceremony?
  3. They follow my every move. They must've been bullied at school.
  4. The mods love you don't they? :rolleyes:
  5. You are anti-straight. You are taking away freedoms and liberty in a quest to destroy American society. Why can't you accept that we live in a country where straight people should come first? Whatever you say, gays cannot biologically reproduce, unless they get help. Gays are less likely to reproduce and yet are more sexually active and engage in more dangerous sexual activities. This puts a strain on resources and harms everyone.

    Bullying is gonna happen. But also think about how the kids of these gays would feel themselves. I am sure they would not wanna be raised by gays, unless they turned out to be gay themselves.

    If you want nice things then you have to play ball. If you wanna do gay stuff, do it in private where you only hurt yourselves.
  6. 1. I was referring to HIV/AIDs being predominantly a gay disease amongst gay men.
    2. Gay men in Africa are more likely to catch it than heterosexuals in Africa. Yes you idiot, well done; that's because heterosexual relationships count for the majority of relationships in the world. Also, funnily enough, the huge majority of people who have HIV/AIDs are homosexual men. No, it is relevant.
    3. No they don't. Heterosexual's engage in oral sex more, if not roughly the same, than gay men. A small minority of heterosexual couples engage in anal sex. Stupid assumption; loads of heterosexual couples do what you define as 'risky' acts and don't use protection, yet they still have a lower risk. It is predominantly a gay disease.
    4. Yes, that is exactly what I said: 'it being transmitted is another matter; we are talking about how its likely to be caught'. My last post said that. You were speaking about how its transmitted; that is why I mentioned it. Please read my post, before you jump to conclusions. Are you illiterate?
  7. AIDs/HIV is predominantly a gay disease with gay men, because as I have told you countless times, heterosexual couples are less likely to get it. If a man and a man have unprotected anal sex/oral sex and a man and a woman do the same, statistics show that the risk is much higher regarding the former. It being transmitted is another matter; we are talking about how its likely to be caught :rolleyes: How can you debate that? Why are you finding this unclear?


    How thick are you?
  8. :teehee: You have debated in complete ignorance and sheer stupidity. All your points I have proved wrong and you haven't even provided sources for most of them. I have provided you with sources for most of the things I have said
  9. I don't have to finish you off in this debate I finished you long ago Ra's Al Gul

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