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  1. :wavey:
  2. I was halfway there It was the combined honours!

    Yeah, I'm 99% certain I'm going to be rejected, it won't be a surprise :P

    All Theology candidates across the University were automatically interviewed at at least 2 colleges, so I chose Worcester & was also interviewed at Pembroke... so kind of but not really? I don't really know what the pooling system is for Oxford! You?
  3. What did you apply for? I feel like I should know this, but I don't... was it straight French, or combined honours?

    I definitely felt that going made me want to get an offer even more! Though there is still some doubt in my mind as to whether Oxford is right for me...

    I figure that if I get a place, that's great.... but if I don't then it just means I'm not a good fit for Oxford, and so I'll be better off and happier someplace else
  4. Hey I found them okay, I don't think I did well enough to get a place, but I did my best and didn't look like a total idiot, so I'm satisfied with that... I was surprised to get an interview, so I'm happy, and I can live with myself :P

    I loved Worcester! It was beautiful, and I really liked the place. I liked the tutors a lot, and I also liked the environment, and the location. It made me want to be there so badly!

    How were your interviews?
  5. Oo cool, I've read parts of Bertrand Russell's The History of Western Philosophy and also some of Plato's Republic, thought both were really interesting. Also read the Awakening of Intelligence by J Krishnamurti and the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu, both are Eastern philosophy books which I am particularly interested in. The Western philosophy that I have read is really different from the Eastern philosophy I have read, but I would say both philosophies are extremely valuable to our existence.
  6. Thank you, this really helped.
    I'm actually planning to do History, Maths, Chemistry and Biology.
    How do you think history is? because of the exam board OCR, it's putting me off, lol.
    But, I'm still interested because I love the content.
    I heard LAE is very good in terms of education and applying for the top universities.
    Just wanted to ask if you know anyone who goes to Chobham, St Angelas & St. Bons or Woodford.
    Thank you, much appreciated
    Just confused about where I want to go for the future
  7. Hi, I was wondering what you think of LAE, i'm thinking of going there! thnx
  8. yeah it is hopefully one day it'll be easy! yeah same exciting! have you read any non-French philosophy?
  9. Oo that sounds cool! Just Huis Clos so far, would love to be able to read French more easily and quickly! For the courses you've applied to, do you do any philosophy as part of the French course?
  10. Oo awesome! How was the summer school? Was it for French or Philosophy? Which of Sartre's works have you read? No I haven't, is it good?

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