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  1. hello there, and no it's not haha xx
  2. Acess to nursing was full but it was £350 more because of the work experience I talked to a lecturer at a uni and she is the one that said she would help give me work experience in her practice so it must be gd enough I have tried every hospital within 20 miles but cant get anything else my volounteer work with special needs/ learning disabilities and in a doctors will be ok will keep enquiring.

    Good for you I am really struggleing funds wise and I do suffer from a bad back so im scared that if I hurt it at all and get signed off I dont get paid as im on part time so would have to drop out

    Think my course will be pretty similair to yours as mine is healthcare going to see if they will allow me to do extra units as well.
  3. Thats excellent news how come you get funding if you don't mind me asking ? and yes I have managed to get some in a doctors surgery so that should be enough. Is it the access to nursing course?

    get badgering them about it when i had my interview there were only 20 odd places and 60 applicants so on the day there were 20 of us and she had already given out spaces and there was another day to go.

    Good Luck
  4. Because my college is Linked to uni it will be better for me and if i run in to trouble course wise I will have more support but it is still a joke to charge that much . Trying to get work experience in a hospital is a nightmare they save all the experience for uni students etc.
  5. Aww bit of a bummer finance wise I am doing ok got a place doing an acess to healthcare course at college but its going to be 1600 and that's without travel need to see if anything is available its a good idea to get some work experience and volunteer work in as it is a must if you want to get into uni i got told by a uni lecturer try the st johns ambulance might be a good starting point.
  6. Sure do :')
  7. Hey there sorry i haven't replied in a while are you still planning on doing the access course online?
  8. Haha, loving the username!
  9. Hey,

    Its such a large difference in what you pay that's why I'm going to do it that way. Its not so bad the instalments so just need to save that up. And I have already done biology and psychology (just cant do exams) so got a bit of a head start on it. Do you have an information about it other than what's on the website ?
    I want to go into child nursing but its so competitive so might do adult first then child .
  10. I will have to do the distance learning course as its too far away but we will be doing similar content I have applied to do it at college as well but haven't heard if i have a place yet. I know what you mean I have been trying to look at funding as its very expensive. Distance learning is a lot cheaper than the college one and its the same content.

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