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  1. The Holocaust one, or the one where you made fun of that guy for the joke going over his head? If it's the latter, he's probably just bitter.
  2. Yeh, I agree with the thread you made about TSR shutting them down. But most of them won't listen to reason. It's highly ironic that they accuse people of the exact same things they do - ignoring evidence, only seeing evidence which fits with their viewpoint, etc.
  3. Excellent link on that Holocaust denial thread - PRSOM. Shame it got closed down just as some well-researched evidence was provided.
  4. Oh right, I'd decided to try and make it into one syllable...

    Sounds reasonable I know the *******s of rashly picking a weird or boring username; mine was tjf8, which is just my initials and my lucky number. It used to annoy me that I'd ever been that unimaginative. Plainview is the name of the protagonist of one of my favourite movies, There Will Be Blood. He's a bit of a bastard though, so it's still an odd choice.
  5. Haha it does annoy me when the big transnationals go all 'ethical' to be honest, like McDonalds filling every spare inch of the Olympic Park.

    How do you pronounce your username by the way? I have to say, when I first saw it I thought you might be really annoying young girl called Tabitha (Tabz CuTie), don't know why...
  6. Haha it's no *******; if I could have cut short the video I would :rolleyes: My caption did originally read "support your local farmers' market" but then I realised not everyone lives in sleepy rural villages like I do.
  7. To be honest, I just liked the sentiment (in a positive rather than negative sense), the song, and the animation. I didn't really pay attention to the end.
  8. do you have any 13 wasted years essay examples? your essay help on 'the making in modern Britain' thread has been fab so far :-)
  9. I take it you've seen the URL of my sig.

    Then again, it's the health and fitness board, and the rules specifically state /b/ :cool:
  10. Sorry about the neg, it was supposed to be for the OP :/

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