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  1. Hi Lauren,

    Ah, okay then

    The physics course is extremely helpful, informative, everything is perfect Hope you'll have a chance to get into St Andrews for further studies! Good luck with the exams.

    Best wishes,
  2. Hey,

    I saw your post in the 2013 applicants thread of St Andrews, and it seems you'd like to combine chemistry and physics during first year. I'm a fresher chemistry student, although I took physics modules as well, so you can surely do it in the first year. However, because of credit matters, after the 2nd year you should decide which path you are going to follow.

    About Physics department and staff... The building has a normal size, 2 flats 1 library a cafiteria, some lecture theaters and many offices and labs mixed. The lectures are very good, interesting and the Optics and Waves teacher is a genius teacher. Eeverybody loves him. I don't like the topic, but I love the lectures. All teachers are good in Physics so don't worry about them, and they are very helpful, sometimes I go to private chatting about my questions and stuff I don't understand. And you can always speak to your tutor. Physics is definitely a module which you should take with Chemistry if you can deal with maths and like the way physicists thinking. The aim of the module is not to study the formulas, but the way to get to them and improve your thinking and problem solving skills. After 1,5 months I see many aspects of the world I've never seen before. Not joking

    After mixing Physics and Chemistry I guess you'll able to see how the atomic world is connected to the normal life world, pretty cool, isn't it? It doesn't matter if you're going to be a chemist or a phisicist, you'll find both modules useful!

    Hope I was help :P

    Best wishes,
  3. Physics is the epitome of my ardour. :coma:
  4. :rolleyes: If only I could get those grades. In the prelim I revised on the way to the exam . Still managed all credit, but because i didn't really revise, the waiting for the results was death...

    Thanks for the info Really appreciate it.
  5. Hi, I just seen you are doing highers and did SG' last year. I've not really revised much, I was wondering how much did you revise and if you don't mind could you tell me what grades you got.

    Thanks so Much

    Good Luck in your Highers ( heard they're really hard)

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