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  1. Ahh I haven't finished C2 chapter 10 but I got the other chapters down And I've been getting 80-90 on the Solomon papers so hopefully I'll be okay. What about you?
  2. Frodo Baggins
    The last bit! I would have got method marks though! How are you feeling for c2?
  3. Haha normal distribution? Which part? It was a weird one though.
    And yeah but 3 marks are all that I'm sure I lost, there's probably a lot more!
  4. here is the link incase you lost it
  5. Frodo, can i please request you to delete your post of the thread as it is interfering with the post flow. =)

  6. Frodo Baggins
    I lost max 7 marks on s1. ON NORMAL DISTRIBUTION!!!! Would have got method marks though! 3 marks?! Thats not that bad!!!!
  7. S1 was fine, I'm just worried about D1. I haven't found anything I did wrong in S1 but I can't remember a lot of it so that's okay but I know I've lost at least 3 marks in D1. D: How about you?
  8. You simply walked into mordor......
  9. Nope, that place sounds posh :O
  10. :upyours:

    das 4 callin me a downs shorty

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