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  1. If you remember me from that thin girl wants to gain weight thread....I still haven't accomplished anything! :cry2:
  2. ahq
    Sinks that look like faces. :adore:
  3. Your sig makes me smile each time I see it
  4. My god I love your signature.
  5. your the dude that wrote the artical about shyness + social retardation right? How did you take the first steps, i just keep saying oh il do it another time :/
  6. i luv your sink faces in your sig! made me lol and i just had to go into my bathroom and see which one i had! :rolf: x

    !!!! Hello.
    My name is Gift i saw your profile today at and i love it also became intrested to know you,i will also lik to know you more,and i want you to send an email directely to my private_email(gift.mbia56@yahoo. com) address so i can give you my picture for you to know whom i am.Here is my email address i believe we can move from love distance or colour does not matter but love matters alot in life.i waiting to recive your lovely reply soon, Yours Love.
    Miss Gift
  8. Yeah? Well, at least you've got balls to do jumps. So many people just outright refuse to even look at them, let alone attempt them.
    You get "good enough" bikes for quite cheap now, though. I mean, if you want to dish out £5,000, and go wild like I did, then fair play. :p:
    But still, nice to see more MTB's on TSR. I had a thread up about it, "How many of you mountain bike", a while back. And it got quite a few in, which was nice. Not sure if you commented on it or not, your name sounds familiar? :cool:

    What bike/s do/did you have?

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